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Scented Pegs

UV Resistant Rainbow Pegs

Lemon Scented UV Resistant Pegs

UV Resistant Rainbow Pegs

Lavender Scented UV Resistant Pegs

Scented Rainbow Pegs pack of 30

An enhanced version of our Aussie Made UV Stable Rainbow Peg!

 Now available in your choice of either Lemon (yellow) or Lavender (purple) fragrance.

Great little gift Idea.

Rainbow Pegs

Lemon Scented,

Rainbow Pegs

Lavender Scented

Peg shown for scale against AA size battery and another leading peg brand.

Rainbow Pegs for Scale 

* Lemon or Lavender scented
* No metal parts to rust
* Superior grip for high winds
* UV Resistant 
* Ergonomic  - arthritis friendly
* Modern "dolly" style peg
* Solid one piece clothes peg
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