Glo Pegs


Pegs Aussie made solid one piece long lasting UV stabilized polypropylene luminescent – Glow in the dark peg.

Superior grip comes from 3 little bumps on the inside of the peg. The bumps are not corrugated so they leave less of a mark than average pinch peg.

The pack contain 18 “Glow Pegs” – Glow in the Dark Luminescent Pegs

Great for Camping/Caravanning, shift workers or even fun in the kids bedroom 

Approximately 90-120 minutes of bright sunlight will illuminate your pegs by night.

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* Pegs Glow in the Dark – Luminescent
* No metal parts to rust
* Superior grip for high winds
* UV Resistant
* Ergonomic  – arthritis friendly
* Modern “dolly” style peg
* Solid one piece clothes peg
* 18 Glo Pegs per Pkt